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The perfect Roatan Shore Excursion

Gumbalimba Park is a perfect way to spend your day while in Roatan. With adventures offered from the treetops to the sea chests there is sure to be something to please everyone in your group.

Many of the cruise lines that visit Roatan offer tours to Gumbalimba Park. Tours offered through the Shore Excursion Department of the cruise lines that include entrance Gumbalimba Park are:

  • "Pirates, Birds & Monkeys of the Caribbean,"

  • Gumbalimba Preservation Park,

  • Gumbalimba Park & Pirate Cave.

  • Gumbalimba Park & Tabyana Beach

So, please check with your shore excursion department for availability. Please note that these tours to Gumbalimba Park are for general admission to the park only.

SNUBA & Clear Kayak tours DO NOT include general admission to Gumbalimba Park. For an additional fee you can enter into the Park.

canopy tours

Zip line Above the Jungle Floor

Welcome to the Canopy Tour of Gumbalimba Park.
Adventurous tourists, get a new perspective on jungle life!

Look for our white kiosks at
Port of Roatan in Coxen Hole!

Enjoy a thrilling soar through the treetops of Roatan, Bay Islands, Honduras with Canopy Tour of Gumbalimba Park. Zip from tree to tree high above the lush jungle floor. 13 exciting traverses will take you all the way from the top of Roatan's mountainous backbone to the middle of the beautiful sandy beach of Gumbalimba Park, West Bay.

Surrounded by magnificent foliage alive with tropical wildlife, you'll be tempted to let out some Tarzan yells when you take the "leap of faith." But with double line cables, expert guides, and mountain-climbing gear fastened about you and heavy gloves, you'll have more peace of mind than on Tarzan's swinging vines!

Monkey Trail Canopy at Gumbalimba Park begins at the top of Creation Rock at the top of Gumbalimba Park. So as your driving on the West Bay Road, you'll see the entrance to the canopy on the right of the roadside about 1.5 miles before Coxen's Cave. The tour consists of 17 different platforms with two shorts walks. After gearing up and listening to a brief explanation of safety features and techniques, adventurers take off from the briefing station to the first tree platform located about 60 feet high. The tour lasts about one hour.

The Canopy Tour of Gumbalimba Park is open 8 to 5 daily (last tour starts at 4:00). If you're cruising to Roatan, be sure to enjoy a Canopy Tour excursion if not offered by your cruise line booking/reservations are available

Testimonial: "Roatan's jungles are awe-inspiring; and during our last visit we discovered the most exhilarating way to see them. The Canopy Tour guides took us from treetop to treetop on a network of cables secured some 50 feet above ground. I most enjoyed the zip over a simply picturesque swinging bridge and water fall. My husband (a bit more adventurous than I) most enjoyed his 'Superman' style zip with the aid of one of our guides."

**Please note that maximum weight limit is 225 lbs for males and 200 lbs for females. Closed toe shoes and shorts or long pants recommended.

Park activities

From Treetops to Sea Chests

Park Tours

At Gumbalimba Park you will witness the raw beauty of the Caribbean at Roatan's finest preservation park – Gumbalimba Park. Explore unspoiled trails where flowers and butterflies give way to the shade of the tropical forest canopy. Make the crossing over Gumbalimba Pond via scenic rope bridge. Delight in the tranquil sounds of our garden waterfall. Befriend the brilliant winged citizens of our Bird Sanctuary where friendly parrots and macaws bring the colors of the Caribbean alive. Ever dreamt of frolicking with monkeys? Enter Monkey Refugio where you can acquaint your self with the white face capuchin monkeys. Trace the steps of the real Pirates of the Caribbean inside Coxen's Cave where you'll encounter the infamous Capt. John Coxen, his stolen treasure, and colorful sculpted murals depicting Honduran History. Roam through the Botanical Garden and learn more about exotic plants indigenous to the region.

The Insectarium at Fort Gumba

Gumbalimba Fort – home to the Pirates of Today! Inside the Fort you can become acquainted with the creepy crawly citizens of our country – our Insectarium will delight you with the colors and diversity of Roatan's and Honduras' world of insects.

Canopy Tours

Discover Roatan from the treetops in a Me Tarzan You Jane style. You will experience a breath taking rush as you defy the laws of gravity by sliding down cable to cable from the ridge of the mountain straight down into beautiful Gumbalimba Park. This journey starts at Creation Rock at the top of Gumbalimba Park where our guides provide and gear you with the finest canopy equipment (harness, safety harness, helmet, pulley and gloves).

At the top, our guides will brief everyone and transform you into Jane or Tarzan.

The rush begins as you are attached to the cables not knowing what it will feel like to be amongst the birds but knowing that you are safe and secure.

The canopy tour consists of 13 stretches of cable and 17 stations, each cable measuring from 120 feet in length to 500 feet in length. Each station is located in the trees between 18 and 60 feet from the ground.

One of only two certified Canopy Tours in Honduras with a three cable system!

Snuba Diving

Snuba is an easy and safe way to enjoy the coral reefs in Roatan. No prior snorkeling experience is necessary. You simply breathe through a scuba regulator that is connected to an air tank. This gives you the benefit of being able to stay under water as long as you want, having the flexibility to stay at any depth you feel comfortable (maximum depth is 20 feet) and the ability to come to the surface whenever you want.

Your guide will give you instructions in shallow water where you can either stand or sit. Afterwards, you'll be able to snuba in the designated trail. It is about 50 yards of sea grass where one can often see starfish, rays, octopus and juvenile fish. Past the sea grass, you'll find the coral reef with a spectrum of tropical fish.

Sea Trek

Ever dreamt of being just like Captain Nemo? Well, with Sea Trek you can fulfill your dreams and keep your hairdo at the same time. If you can walk and breathe - you can Sea Trek. Experience the thrill of exploring the ocean and all its wonders, without giving up precious vacation time for specialized training. IDEAL FOR PERSONS EIGHT YEARS AND OLDER, Sea Trek is the world's premier underwater helmet diving experience and it's from Sub Sea Systems - the world leader in aquatic resort recreation. Imagine walking in zero gravity while surrounded by incredible aquatic life - that's Sea Trek.

Power Snorkeling / Seascooters

Want to add excitement to your snorkeling or dive - try a seascooter underwater propulsion vehicle. Why kick when you can glide with a seascooter! (We offer the GTI model - more photos/video on this site).

Clear Kayaking

Check out the underwater view as deep as 70ft below on clear days through the bottom of your kayak or paddle over coral formations and sea life 1ft below you. (we offer the Caribe - the newest innovation in clear kayaking with lumbar cushy seats). (we offer the Molokini).

Park tours

Experience Roatan Tours at Gumbalimba Park

Gumbalimba Park Available Tours:

  • Park Tour – including "Coxen's Cave, botanical garden, and animal sanctuary, beach, and pool.

  • SNUBA Diving Tour

  • Canopy "Zipline" Tour

  • Kayaking Tour – including both traditional kayaks and "Hawaii Blue" Clear Kayaks

  • Power Snorkeling Tour

  • Helmet Diving Tour (Coming Soon) – now available as SEA TREK

  • Jet Bikes available for rent

  • The Insectarium at Fort Gumba

Note: If arriving by cruise ship, please contact your cruise line tour excursion representative to book the Gumbalimba Park tour or any other associated excursions.


The Perfect Roatan Shore Excursion

Gumbalimba Park in Roatan Bay Islands is a one-day destination dream. Where else can you become acquainted with monkeys and parrots in a natural setting, tour the history of the island, ride a zipline through the jungle canopy, explore the wildlife down under while breathing underwater, kayak the picturesque shoreline, eat at a poolside cafe, and just hang out in a hammock or lounge chair on the beach! From treetops to sea chests there are adventures that abound!

Gumbalimba Park offers all these actvities at one convenient location!

Hours of Operation:
Open 7 Days a Week, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

West Bay, Roatan, Honduras

Swim suit, ecological sun block, sun glasses, camera, towels, and hat or cap.

Park Admission Includes:
Guide services, Coxen's (pirate) cave, animal preserve area, botanic garden, beach area, lounge chairs, toilets, showers, freshwater pool and parking.

Not included:
All additional activities such as canopy tour, snuba diving, snorkeling gear and kayaking.

How to get there:
We recommend you ask your cruise ship Shore Excursion Team and take one of the nice buses from the docks. If staying locally, your hotel has all the information necessary.


Question: I know Gumbalimba Park has a lot more to offer in regard to activities, but how does the beach compare to Tabyana Beach?

Answer: Both have white sandy beaches but Tabyana's white sand continues out for 400+ feet into the water so the water appears more clear. At Gumbalimba Park the water is just as clear, but about 50 feet out the seagrass starts. Then after that about 100 feet out you start to see the spectacular untouched reefs which are perfect for a snuba diving or snorkeling tour.

Question: I only have one day in Roatan, which tour should I do, Gumbalimba Park or Tabyana Beach?

Answer: The answer really depends on the type of person you are or the amount of activity you would like to do on your one day in Roatan. If you see yourself sitting all day under the sun (or palm tree) in a beach chair on a pristine beach with crystal clear water before you, then Tabyana Beach is probably for you. If you see yourself (or your family) playing with monkeys and parrots, touring a cave, zipping down a cable through the jungle canopy, diving and breathing 15-20 feet underwater exploring the reef and fish life, and then hanging the remainder of the time on the beach, then Gumbalimba Park is probably for you. We do have a tour that allows you to go through the Park and then over to Tabyana Beach for the day.